It is not long ago that the UK manufacturing scene would have been derided as an area of discussion which carried little optimism; however recent reports are now set to reverse that trend in favour of more optimistic information. According to The Guardian, the UK manufacturing sector is predicted to grow by a notable 2.7% during 2014, and this figure represents the strongest degree of progress in the whole of Europe. This is an astonishing development, considering the bleak outlook that was prevalent in bygone months, and signals that the general manufacturing industry is set to excel.

As reported by another article in The Guardian, 34% of UK manufacturers noticed a great increase in orders during the build up to the New Year, and success stories such as the British car industry have been hailed as especially promising economic developments. Although the increase in orders was not heralded across the board, the fact remains that manufacturing orders recorded their highest levels of performance for almost 3 years during the months before January, and such a relevant observation cannot be insignificant.

UK manufacture is no longer an object of ridicule, and some now expect it to return to standards of productivity that were thought to have been lost many years ago. Here at Airedale Springs we are very proud to be a part of this burgeoning success story, as our extensive production facilities provide a wide variety of springs that are invaluable to many manufacturing enterprises. For example, tension springs are used to regulate the push-pull levers that are used in myriad industries, so our contribution to the UK manufacturing industry is very real indeed.

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