Sustainability has always been a top priority for us at Airedale Springs. As a leading spring and wire form manufacturer in the UK, we understand our role in shaping a greener future, and we take it upon ourselves to be a responsible manufacturer with minimal environmental impact.

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices has led us to invest heavily in sustainable manufacturing processes and renewable energy sources, setting an example for the industry. Read on as we share our company’s journey towards sustainable operations and discuss our latest success, eliminating gas from our heating system setup.  

Improved Energy Efficiency at Our Spring Manufacturing Facility

When moving to our current manufacturing facility in 2012, our new building incorporated a gas-fired system to provide hot water and office heating. The boiler, over time, became increasingly inefficient, and a lot of energy was being wasted. Fixed and usage charges for gas have increased substantially over the last 12 months, and we have now taken action to eliminate them.

In line with our sustainability objectives, we have now replaced this system with one exclusively powered by electricity.

Two separate tanks have been installed, one for hot water, which is required throughout the year, and one for office heating, which is normally only required during winter months.

Hot water system
Office heating system

The separation into two systems reduces the operating energy requirements from 36kw to 6kw for hot water and 36kw to 15kw (Kilowatts) for heating.

In 2022 we used 11,675kw of gas, producing 2,159 tons of Co2. The gas heating system was the largest contributor to our Green House Gas Co2 emissions against scope1, which have now been reduced to virtually zero.

The added benefit to the new electrically powered system is that thought the majority of the year, the system will draw energy from our own solar power plant. It will take many years to recoup the financial investment, but that is not why we did it.

Airedale Spring’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Airedale Springs, we consider sustainability an essential part of our business. We believe in embracing sustainable manufacturing practices that promote eco-friendliness, reduce our carbon footprint, and grow the manufacturing industry more responsibly. Here are some additional examples of how we address our eco-friendly goals.

Investing in Greener Energy Sources

We recognise the limitations of traditional energy methods and the need for renewable energy sources. As part of our journey towards manufacturing sustainability, we have invested in renewable energy sources, such as 400 solar panels that generate up to 80% of our energy requirements. This significant investment in solar power has reduced dependence on traditional energy sources, thus minimising environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Operations and Energy Efficiency Measures

We have implemented numerous eco-friendly operations and energy efficiency measures to ensure that we do our part in promoting a cleaner and greener future. For example, as small spring manufacturers, we have integrated lean material practices to streamline production and reduce waste and unnecessary components. Additionally, we use LED lighting throughout our facilities to minimise electricity consumption, and we have installed an advanced compressed air system to improve energy efficiency.

EV Charging for Staff Vehicles

Another method of achieving our goals was to install EV charging points at our facility. By investing in electric vehicle charging points, we make it more convenient for electric car users to visit our facilities and enable our staff to pursue their own eco-friendly goals.

Benefits of Sustainable Manufacturing

Our journey towards sustainable operations and renewable energy sourcing has brought numerous benefits to our business. We have gained a distinctive edge in the market, meeting the growing demand for environmentally conscious suppliers while building long-term relationships with customers who prioritise eco-friendliness.

With such a commitment to sustainability extended to our bottom line, cost-effective measures, such as reduced energy consumption and waste, make our production processes more efficient.

Investing in effective green alternatives enhances our reputation in the industry and among our stakeholders. Customers, partners, and investors increasingly seek businesses that prioritise sustainability and are committed to reducing their environmental impact. We can attract environmentally conscious clients and build long-term relationships based on shared values by demonstrating our dedication to green alternatives.

Airedale Springs: Sustainable Wireform Manufacturer

Spring and wire form manufacturing requires significant energy resources to power machinery, heating, and lighting within the facilities. The manufacturing process involves various stages, such as raw material extraction, processing, shaping, and finishing, all of which demand substantial energy consumption. With the global focus on environmental sustainability, it becomes crucial for manufacturers like us to invest in effective green alternatives to meet our energy requirements.

Airedale Springs is proud of our journey towards sustainable manufacturing and renewable energy sourcing. It is more than just a business agenda; it is our way of contributing to a more eco-friendly and responsible manufacturing industry. With our investment in renewable energy sources, eco-friendly operations, and energy-saving measures, we are promoting a brighter future for businesses, society, and the world.

As both green spring manufacturers and wire form manufacturers, you should contact us to discover how our effective processes will provide you with the high-quality components you need in a sustainable way.