Ingenuity of Amateur Engineers

Many people don’t realise just how creative engineers can be. Although they are technically skilled and adept at creating the most complex engineering masterpieces, there has to be some form of creativity and ingenuity flowing in order to achieve these feats. This is one aspect of engineering that isn’t necessarily taught, and we’re starting to… Continue Reading …

Springs in Medical Applications

Springs have been used in mechanics and other forms of technology for hundreds of years. In the 17th century, Robert Hooke scrutinised springs by testing them repetitively and developed Hooke’s Law, one of the most common physical laws used in mechanics today. Since then, springs have been used in everyday objects such as trampolines, watches… Continue Reading …

The Story So Far: Life On Mars

Mars has been a mystery for many centuries, a planet that has captured the imaginations of scientists and artists alike. We don’t know exactly who discovered Mars, since, just like Venus, this planet is a bright presence in the night sky, capable of being seen even without a telescope.

How Has The Engineering Industry Changed in 71 Years?

Back when we were still in Keighley and the slinky was just being demonstrated for the first time in 1945, engineering had a very different face. Since those first days when we started our business, we have combined our expertise from our talented and skilled employees with advancing technology throughout the years.