Young Engineer’s Curiosity

You may recall an incident back in September this year, of a 14 year old schoolboy named Ahmed Mohamed being arrested after he brought a homemade digital clock to school. Teachers mistook his homemade device for a bomb and had him arrested before the day had ended.

A Reception at 11 Downing Street

Airedale Springs chairman Tim Parkinson (left) with Keighley MP Kris Hopkins (Centre left) and Marrose Abrasives Managing Director Tony Day (right) at the Northern Powerhouse reception at No. 11 Downing Street. BUSINESS LEADERS from the Keighley district attended a top-level Government reception focused on the creation of a Northern Powerhouse earlier in the month. Tony Day… Continue Reading …

The Evolution of Computer Aided Design

Engineers use innovative and life changing CAD programming every single day. What many of us don’t consider, however, is how CAD programming has evolved over the decades. How exactly, has this life changing piece of technology developed from a single thought to the hard working designing program we know today?