Medical technology is constantly improving and upgrading, from the humble wheelchair to complex life support, monitoring devices, and other medical equipment. Everywhere in hospitals and medical centres, the spring plays its part. Springs are used in certain kinds of drug delivery, from tiny springs that make up part of the surgeon’s necessary tools, to much larger springs in doors and in hospital beds. Custom spring manufacturers work with all aspects of supplying the medical profession with their required springs, large and small.

But while the use of springs might be obvious, another, often overlooked, twist of wire plays its part in the medical industry: a most flexible part, one that can be simple or complex, and designed to the client’s specification to save money, space, and time in all kinds of ways. This is the wire form, custom designed for the client’s exact needs within the medical industry.

Doctor - Medical Industry

The Wire Form in Medical Technology

A wire form could be anything from a simple hook or pin shape specifically tailored to suit a particular instrument or device, or it could be a far more complex shape that suits the ever-changing and developing science of medical technology. Medical mandrels can be fabricated in a variety of forms, from pigtail to trachea, to be used as part of the surgeon’s kit. In the medical industry, the wire forms must be specifically designed to suit the appropriate task, and it’s here that experts in wire forming, spring making, and pressings come into their own. Working together with the designer, an expert machine setter using the latest in CNC forming machines will create the exact wire form to suit their component needs. Whether it’s a delicate part of a more complex piece of machinery, or as uncomplicated but sturdy as hooks and fittings, wire forms can be created in simple or complex shapes, in varying degrees of wire gauge to suit the task and equipment.

Custom Designed from Start to Finish

Special wire form manufacturers use dedicated tooling machinery, and an expert knowledge of metal and tool work to provide their clients with the highest grade of wire forms, limited only by the designer’s specifications. A wire form is an integral key in many complex machines, and bespoke wire forms can be created to fill almost any need, with a variety of wire types and gauges from stainless steel to various alloys designed for high temperatures or environments prone to high corrosion.

Wire Forms to Suit Your Needs

Wire forms are certainly not relegated solely to the medical industry, though this is one example where a small piece of wire can play a large role. Many industries have the need for custom designed and manufactured wire forms in both small and large numbers. If you would like to discuss your specifications and needs with experts in the field of wire forming and springs, speak to the dedicated professionals at Airedale Springs for a friendly and knowledgeable chat with the team. Contact us and see how we can help you today.