Relying solely on stock spring designs poses substantial challenges to machine and product designers. With constantly evolving technology, stock springs often become rapidly unsuitable, rendering them inadequate for emerging applications. In such a context, updating specifications becomes a pressing concern.

Custom spring design services, such as those offered here at Airedale Springs, mitigate these challenges. Tailoring springs and wire forms to your precise requirements guarantees compatibility and enduring success. By partnering with skilled and experienced manufacturers like us, you invest not only in your products’ immediate performance but also in their long-term viability.

Optimum Performance Through Customisation

Unlike off-the-shelf purchases, our custom springs cater precisely to your product’s functionality. By closely matching your specific requirements, our springs deliver enhanced performance and longevity.

Harnessing Superior Materials and Manufacturing Expertise

Choosing the right material for your application’s needs is our speciality as experienced spring makers. Our CNC machinery also plays a crucial role. This state-of-the-art technology enables the accurate and consistent production of springs. Armed with these tools, we guarantee precision in every spring we create.

Expert Design Support and Technical Guidance

From concept to final product, our design assistance is second to none. Our experienced engineers collaborate closely with you, transforming initial ideas into tangible specifications. This support not only refines your product design but also guarantees its success.

Invest in bespoke spring design and experience the merits of enhanced performance, expertise in materials and manufacturing, and top-notch design and technical support. Customised to your requirements, our springs offer superiority over generic, off-the-shelf alternatives.


Take SpiralGrip, for example. Through close collaboration during the development process, we helped them bring to life their innovative desk edge cable holder. Discover how our custom spring design can benefit your application results.

“The guys at Airedale Springs couldn’t have been more helpful in developing SpiralGrip. They worked with us on the design, sourced special material from the Far East and were very much part of the team taking the product to market. Their approach should be a lesson to all British manufacturing businesses.”

Cliff Burgin, Managing Director of SpiralGrip Limited

This example demonstrates how an idea and spring design developed at the machine will vastly reduce the timescale from concept to launch. At Airedale, we offer this personalised service and help clients bring ideas to life and on the market.

Our Custom Spring Manufacturing Process

  1. Initial Consultation

Our process commences with a detailed consultation. Our skilled engineers collaborate with you to identify your distinct needs for the customised spring design. At this stage, we examine factors like the operating environment, standards, weight, stress levels, and the spring’s anticipated lifespan.

B. Material Selection

After consultation, our team will evaluate the exceptional requirements of your design. We then select the most appropriate material for your springs. Choices span a broad spectrum, comprising stainless steel, titanium, brass, and more, whilst considering the varied physical, chemical, and mechanical properties.

C. Design and Prototyping

With material selection complete, we move to custom design and prototyping. Our latest software aids in crafting a tailored design, enhancing spring optimisation for your unique needs. For further precision, we offer prototype production, thus ensuring a match to specifications and guaranteed performance.

D. Manufacturing

Upon finalisation, the custom design undergoes manufacturing. We employ CNC machines for precise and efficient production. Our extensive array of machines accommodates almost all spring variations, ensuring versatility in meeting custom requirements.

E. Assembly and Integration

We don’t stop at manufacturing. Should it suit, we also offer assistance with integrating the bespoke springs into your products. Our specialist team handles complexities and procures particular materials, aiding successful integration processes.

F. Quality Control

The springs we manufacture undergo comprehensive quality control. Rigorous testing ensures each spring’s performance, scrutinising physical properties and verifying all crucial treatments, be they chemical or heat-related.

G. On-Time Delivery

After clearing our meticulous quality control, your custom springs are delivered on time. We adhere to your specifications and quantity requirements. Follow-ups are a part of our process, just to confirm proper function and to meet any concerns that arise.

Custom Spring and Wire Form Manufacturing Service

At Airedale Springs, we redefine innovation with our many decades in custom spring manufacturing. We lead the UK market in designing and producing uniquely tailored spring designs and distinctive wire forms, aligning with diverse industries and applications. Our team, continually upskilled, relentlessly pursues cutting-edge solutions, processes, and materials to elevate your application’s performance.

Our robust and dependable supply network backs us in sourcing spring materials crucial for the manufacture and finish of our premium products. With our team overseeing the design, manufacture, and finish of your chosen product, rest assured excellence is guaranteed.

Where advice on spring choice is needed or a design is ready to be realised, engage with us. At Airedale Springs, we’ll collaborate to best fit your needs. Contact us today for your custom spring solutions.