It’s been a while since we last looked at one of the standout engineering firms in the UK, and that’s a shame, as there are certainly plenty of options to choose from. One name that’s frequently in the news is BAE Systems, and, whilst they may not command the same level of public awareness as a giant brand name like Boeing, they are definitely one of the foremost companies in the industry. Read on to find out more…

BAE Systems is headquartered in London, and deals mainly with the defence, security and aerospace industries. In terms of revenues, the company ranks among the largest defence contractors in the world, and indeed this British name does have a strong presence in other countries, such as the USA. The name BAE Systems might be pretty unfamiliar to many of you, but we’re betting that you’ve encountered some of their work, as the company is the spiritual successor to many historic names.

The modern BAE Systems brand was formed when British Aerospace and Marconi Electric Systems merged in 1999, and it’s because of that development that BAE Systems can lay claim to a variety of impressive efforts from an assortment of different predecessors. The Supermarine Spitfire (see below), the world’s first commercial jet airliner (‘the Cornet’), and the famous Harrier ‘jump jet’ are a few examples. That trio alone is enough to give any company a great deal of heritage, but we shouldn’t just stop there, as there’s a lot more that needs saying to give the whole picture.

Products from BAE Systems include the Typhoon and Tornado aircraft (see below); the fighter and fighter-bomber planes that form the mainstay of RAF forces. However, BAE Systems is not just about aircraft, as they possess links to nuclear submarines, air defence destroyer craft, aircraft carriers, and a range of land vehicles like armoured personnel carriers or the Panther Command and Liaison vehicle. As if that weren’t enough, further merges have added even more depth to BAE Systems.

Following the merger, BAE Systems has made a number of acquisitions, so its portfolio of accolades is still growing. For example, in 2005, BAE purchased United Defense, meaning that the iconic M2 and M3 armoured vehicles are now a part of its celebrated product line. Similarly, the company now has shares in Airbus; the producer of the largest passenger airliner in the world. Several huge defence projects are also the province of BAE Systems, so they’re always extremely busy.

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