A project that’s sure to benefit the field of engineering was launched this month, creating a great level of excitement for students and academics alike. The New Model in Technology and Engineering (NMITE) is the first engineering university to open in the UK in 40 years, and although the institution has yet to be awarded university status, it’s set to open its doors to students as early as September 2017.

About New Model in Technology and Engineering (NMITE)

Based in Hereford, NMITE aims to provide courses that will teach budding engineers the necessary skills that the field of engineering requires, and will tackle the shortage of university graduates in the area.

NMITE will offer courses that approach engineering differently compared to traditional universities. There’s a focus on real-world problem-solving, and what is dubbed an “innovation ecosystem” of global corporations, SME entrepreneurs and global universities  will contribute knowledge, skills, expertise and opportunities.

The university is expected to be spread out across Hereford, and the campus will be designed to promote creativity and stimulate inspiration.

Skills Shortage

The New Model in Technology and Engineering is part of a nationwide movement to address the skills shortage in the fields of technology and engineering, and in particular the small percentage of women in these fields.

The shortage of engineering skills could cost the UK £27 billion a year, making the creation of more vocational courses vital for teaching the skills and industry knowledge the country will need in the years to come.

Problem Solving

Engineers are the world’s problem-solvers, and now the UK is working hard to solve the problem of a nationwide skills shortage in the engineering and technology industries.

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister announced that there would be a rollout of new degree apprenticeships in areas such as chartered surveying, aerospace engineering and nuclear-related jobs.

As well as this, in the run up to the May 2015 election, many political parties have proposed free university courses in the areas of maths, science, engineering and technology as part of their policies.

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