Here at Airedale Springs, as spring design specialists, we love to keep a sharp eye on the engineering industry and the amazing advancements and expansions taking place.

Recently the industry has undergone a massive expansion, creating many employment opportunities for young people. As specialists in our industry, we know how important it is to develop engineering opportunities for young people across the country.

Engineer Teaching Apprentices To Use Tube Bending Machine

Our Local College

One college we’re proud to be closely involved with is the Keighley College in our very own Aire Valley!

After their inspiring ICE department (Industrial Centre of Excellence) opened on the 22nd January 2015, the College has expanded their learning curriculum to include Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering.

Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (CE:AME). Since January, the Keighley College and Oakbank School have done an amazing job in inspiring young people to consider a career in the ever growing engineering industry. This, to our great delight, includes offering students a range of engineering courses and apprenticeships which will help them develop vital skills needed in the industry today!

The Keighley College isn’t the only school creating amazing engineering opportunities for aspiring young engineers. At the other end of the country, the University of Brighton has taken a huge step towards securing the expansion of the engineering industry, with a multi-million-pound teaching centre.

Apprentice Female Engineer Working On Machine In Factory

The University of Brighton, Expanding the Horizon

Construction for the University of Brighton’s £14m Advance Engineering Centre (ACE) is underway. With the building laying its foundations in October/November 2015, the centre is expected to be completed by December 2016 and will act as a pillar of inspiration for brand new and aspiring engineers at the university.

The ACE’s main goal is to provide a world class specialist teaching facility for our next generation of engineers using state of the art laboratories. Not only that, but in aiding the expansion of the engineering industry, the centre aims to provide a staggering 60 specially trained engineering graduates every year!

So it’s obvious the centre will be able to supply the industry with well trained graduates, but what about their local community? How will the ACE help to expand the industry?

Well, creating quality engineering jobs for the centre is one fantastic way the ACE will be helping to expand the engineering industry. The University of Brighton claims that their centre will generate a commendable 30-35 research posts, 15 academic/ technical engineering positions for support teachers and, most importantly, will provide state of the art facilities to support the research of, and training for, local companies!

site engineers

Inspiring the next generation of engineers isn’t a one-time deal; capturing and nursing their interest, as the Keighley College are doing, is just the first step. The second is expanding their horizon with amazing opportunities such as apprenticeships and better teaching facilities at degree levels.

Inspiring young people in our local community isn’t all that we do. As specialists in spring technology, we create ingenious, quality spring solutions for any projects your company may have. If you’d like to know more about our amazing spring design process, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01535 643456 or get in touch with us via our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages!