Our manufacturing experts consistently aim to provide and utilise the most advanced spring design practices; when we do so we like to aim big, pushing our boundaries and opening up new opportunities for not only ourselves, but for our valued customers. The only issue with aiming big is that sometimes your ambition can somewhat outweigh your ability, even for us!

Cinema has a fantastic way of creating fictionalised realities, and with such great fiction comes great invention. There have been some outstanding inventions over the years, some of which have actually came to fruition, but there are some far-fetched ones that we would just love to see roll out.


Imagine having the power of invisibility, or even an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter. We trust you’d use your powers for good of course, not like pesky Predator. There have actually been advances in the way of attempting to recreate the invisibility cloak. Dubbed retro-reflective projection technology, it uses a camera, projector and computer; so not quite perfect just yet, but still pretty impressive!


Who ever thought you’d get to see Leonard Nimoy, Abraham Lincoln and William Shatner disappear in front of your very eyes? Well, all of that became a ‘reality’ thanks to Star Trek’s transporter system. There have been references to this on everything from Family Guy to The Simpsons, with it being something of a cult invention, although we’d probably use it for something other than going to the toilet like Homer…

Translation Collar

How great would it be to understand exactly what your pet was saying? The translation collar in Up made all this possible with the excitable Dug being able to express his thoughts even if he was SQUIRREL… easily distracted. There was actually another similar invention which pre-dates Up on, yet again, The Simpsons, where Homer’s long lost brother invented a baby-translator so as to understand Maggie.

We think you’ll agree that these inventions would be incredible if they were to hit the shelves, although we imagine that the world may get a little lazy if people were able to travel everywhere by transporter! We love to see that people are pushing the boundaries of engineering, like the invisibility coat researchers, and wish them every success with their hope to use it as a safety feature in transport.

Of course, all of these inventions are somewhat of a pipe dream, although you can be certain that each would utilise the wonderful invention that is the spring. Our springs are in everything from pens to aeroplanes, and are very much the unsung heroes of the engineering world. So if you would like to pay your respects, or simply contact one of our friendly team with regards to our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call and contact us on 01535 643456.