It’s no secret that the UK governing bodies are dedicating a lot of time to the ‘engineering crisis’ at present, as otherwise the proposed retirement cliff in the next few years could easily see our country with a dearth of technical skill sets. Engineers are vital to society, and you only have to look at the efforts of many universities to promote science degrees to see how valued they are across the board. However, have you ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of an engineer? Engineers aren’t an alien species, but just what makes them different? Here’s our attempt at an answer…

An Analytical Mind

Perhaps the number one skill that engineers possess is an analytical mindset. An engineer will examine literally everything, and be trying to think about ways to improve how it works before they’ve even realised that they’re doing it. Generally speaking, they have curiosity in spades.

20 Questions…

Engineers are not afraid to communicate their thoughts…often in the form of questions. Sometimes, this can rather kill off conversations, as a discussion of a fancy new car can turn into an analysis of just why the power supply is behaving as it is behaving. Awkward, perhaps. Useful, definitely.

Logic Dictates…

If you need someone to work out why something is functioning as it is, want to know why a problem has arisen or need to be told what is most likely to ‘happen next’, then an engineer is your best bet. Able to chew through even complex situations, engineers can usually work out how the world works.

Problem Solver

Following on from above, we reckon that another word for ‘engineer’ could actually be ‘problem solver’. Perhaps the single largest occupation of an engineer is being called upon to solve problems, and all of that analysis, curiosity and logic is needed to formulate a solution.

A Way with Numbers

Yes, it’s true; working as an engineer means dealing with numbers. Many engineering jobs involve sometimes advanced calculations and mathematics, and even a small mistake can invalidate an entire exercise. That’s why engineers are almost universally great with numbers, so don’t panic.

An Eye for Technicalities

Engineers obviously have an eye for detail, but they also absorb technical knowledge like a sponge. Even if the said technicality has no instant application to their work, they’ll still be interested. You never know when such information may be useful at a later date.

There’s a lot more that could be said about the creativity, adaptability and ‘team-player’ mentality of engineers, but rest assured that it does take a certain set of qualities to work in the engineering industry. If you need reliable spring manufacturers for such a purpose, then Airedale Springs has got you covered, so contact us now by calling 01535 643456 or email and we’ll be happy to show off our own problem solving skills!