Earlier this year, the Government released a social media campaign #notjustforboys, which focuses on inspiring, and supporting, women to make choices that are right for them.

They believe that there are still far too many jobs in which many women are unable to break into, and even when they do, few are getting the top, higher paid jobs.

This campaign comes after recent research reveals that in the next decade there will be over 12 million new job opportunities available in the UK, in areas such as engineering and building. They worry that women will continue to be underrepresented in a number of different professions.

Worrying Figures

Figures reveal that thereare fewerthan 7% of women in engineering professions, and fewer than 25% in IT roles. For this reason, they want to focus on jobs that are clearly male-dominated, and attempt to make them not just easier for women to break into, but also seem more attractive to them.

Their aim is to encourage women to enter industries such as science and sport, and for them to apply for those jobs that are currently dominated by men. Not only that, they want to end the stereotypes that are unfortunately attached to some of these sectors.

The Government want companies to get behind the campaign, and urge both employers and women to share their encouragement and thoughts through the Twitter hashtag #notjustforboys.

Emma Watson #heforshe

This idea of gender equality is something that has become a much bigger movement in the last few years. English actress Emma Watson, best known for her role in the Harry Potter series, has recently created her own campaign to support equality for women.

Her own campaign, #heforshe, aims to give awareness to issues that still exist in gender equality. She highlights the fact that women are still being treated differently in jobs, andstill being paid less than men for doing similar roles in the engineering sector.

Both the #notjustforboys and #heforshe campaigns mark not just an new exciting time in the subject of gender equality, but also breed a fresh generation of inventors, scientists and engineers. Here at Airedale Springs, as a leading spring manufacturers, we believe that everyone with an interest in engineering should follow their career dreams, so we couldn’t be happier to hear that these changes are going on within the industry, indeed over 40% of our workforce are female. Senior posts held by a number of our female staff include our Business Development Manager, Quality Manager, Accounts Manager, Buyer and Inspector demonstrating that gender within Airedale Springs is no bar to holding a senior position.

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