Airedale Springs are excited to announce we have expanded our range of CNC coiling and wire forming equipment to increase production capacity following further demand for our products and services.

After careful consideration and consultation with our setters, evaluating all the options available to us, it was clear that investing in either a Wafios F2 or Wafios F3 would provide the biggest benefits for our operations and most importantly, for our customers.

In the end, we chose to invest in both the Wafios F2 and Wafios F3 to ensure we consistently meet our customers’ requirements in a timely manner, whilst providing products of the highest quality.

We decided to invest in these machines, as both covered the wire range we were specifically looking for, and we were already in possession of one F2, meaning the need for additional training would be kept at a minimum. The addition of the F3 complimented our existing range of coiling machines and will ensure that we are able to continually meet customer demand for the foreseeable future.

Wafios F2

The addition of the two machines means we now have a total of 17 CNC machines; this number has continually grown over the past 6 years, as we have seen a sustained period of growth.

When we moved into our new premises in May 2012 we installed 8 CNC machines, covering a range between 0.15mm and 5mm wire diameter. At the time this was enough to meet the demand we needed to supply to our customers.

In the following 6 years, we have added a further 8 machines to our facility, which increased our range from 0.15mm to 10mm wire diameter. To maintain high productivity levels for each size of spring and wire form, we ensured that we had at least two machines of each type to comfortably meet production demand.

The Wafios F2 & F3

This is the second Wafios F2 we have installed at The Spring Works, and this machine is capable of producing coils between 0.35mm and 1.6mm wire diameter. The Wafios F2 is capable of outputting a maximum of 500 pcs./min.

Wafios F3

This is the first Wafios F3 machine we have installed at our facility, and it is capable of producing a range between 0.70mm and 3mm wire diameter. The Wafios F3 is capable of outputting a maximum of 330 pcs./min.

Both machines have been installed at our facility and are aiding Airedale Springs in continuing to provide high-quality products, delivered on time to our customers.

However, we are also able to offer well beyond CNC coiling and 3D wire forming capabilities our skilled team of professionals offer spring-end grinding, flat spring manufacturing, tension spring looping, prototyping and assembly work.

Throughout the 70 years Airedale Springs have operated as a spring manufacturer, keeping up with the very latest technology has been vital to the growth of our operations. We would like to thank our customers and employees for being there every step of the way.