Pressure to develop new designs and have working models within concise time scales is a common issue for many development teams.

Working from initial ideas and design parameters, Airedale Springs welcomed design engineers from Loadhog to its modern facility in Haworth, West Yorkshire, to set up CNC machinery, make several adjustments and prove a functioning design within a matter of hours.

Bespoke Spring Design and Development

Loadhog is an employee-owned manufacturer of returnable and sustainable packaging. Their innovative packaging solutions help businesses save time, money, and labour while improving efficiency. Fortunately, as experienced spring manufacturers, Airedale Springs was perfectly equipped with the teams and technology to fulfil their needs.

It was a perfect example of where hours, days, if not weeks, can be saved in the development of products by having the client on-site to work with our skilled engineers to come up with solutions at the machine and eliminate the lost productivity of sending messages back and forth.

Alfie Moses, one of our newly qualified apprentices at Airedale Springs, worked alongside our client’s development engineer. This included using specialised design software developed by the Institute of Spring Technology to check that the developed spring design was working within safe working stress limits.

Alfie and Allan are ready for action

Delighting New Clients

The client went away the same day very satisfied with what Airedale Springs was able to develop on one of their ranges of fantastic wire-forming machines that provide excellent forming solutions with user-friendly software.

Quote from the Loadhog Engineer

‘Airedale springs provided amazing support with the development work on the new product we are currently designing. In addition, they offered to help us with an on-site iterative process which massively reduced our development time and allowed us to specify a finely tuned spring within a few hours. We are delighted with the results and look forward to working with Airedale on future projects.’

Airedale Springs manufactures the highest-quality custom springs and wire forms for our various clients and their wide-ranging applications. If you need design assistance and want to work with the team at Airedale Springs to develop your ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at 01535 643456.