In one of our recent blogs we took a look at some great ways to get children interested in science and engineering, in which we mentioned how museums can be a great way to inspire people to take an interest in these fascinating fields. So here we take a quick look at some of the top science museums here in the UK which are well worth a visit.

Science Museum, London

Undoubtedly one of the best museums here in the UK is the Science Museum in London. The museum was originally founded in 1875 and is world renowned for its vast and awe-inspiring collections and exhibitions. The museum is also home to numerous interactive exhibits, including one entitled the making of the modern world which explores 250 years of scientific and technological innovation, through a collection of fascinating objects. The museum also has a dedicated engineering collection including an assortment of industrial revolution artefacts, transport technologies, and energy technologies which tell the story of how the human experience has been revolutionised by advances in engineering.

Interestingly the Science Museum recently announced that it will be launching a new exhibition on the 17th December entitled Engineer Your Future, which will draw on research from the Royal Academy of Engineering into how engineers think, giving visitors the chance to experience, see, and develop engineering skills for themselves. The exhibition will also allow visitors to discover the amazing stories of those working in the engineering industry today, aiming to challenge preconceptions about engineering and inspire the next generation of engineers.

Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester has a number of fascinating collections designed to take you on a journey through the heritage of Manchester and its fascinating history. There are a number of exciting exhibits on display exploring key themes such as transport, communications and computing.

Think Tank

Think Tank Birmingham is an award-winning science museum, much celebrated for its variety of innovative displays. Spread over 4 floors, the museum is home to over 200 exhibits and artefacts exploring science and technology from the past, present, and future and is designed to amaze and inspire. Indeed you can explore everything from steam engines and aircraft to emotional robots. There are also numerous examples of Birmingham’s engineering heritage to be found.

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