Warmer weather, sunny skies, and birds chirping; spring is almost upon us to let us enjoy longer days and have fun. Now that you’ve seen what it’s like to spend a winter’s day without springs you might think spring won’t have this much of a problem.

Spring is meant to be cheerful, but a day without springs can truly show how much you might not know about everyday household items that utilise springs. From not being able to enjoy a relaxing day watching TV to having some trouble cooking your favourite food, spring without springs can be trying.

Similarly to a summer’s day without springs, however, enjoying the warmer weather might not be as easy as you hope without springs!

Baking Time!

Spring is a lovely time to enjoy with your family and friends, and we’re sure you’ll want to cook many delicious meals and desserts for when your loved ones come around. In a world without springs, however, it’s a bit trickier!

When baking, weighing scales are important to accurately measure every ingredient. if you were hoping to rely on trusty spring scales – you’d be out of luck on a spring day without springs! These scales use springs to measure weight by balancing force because of gravity making force on the spring. In a day without springs, you can’t use your weighing scales to bake your favourite desserts.

And if you decide to take your chances anyway and bake by mixing what you believe are approximate quantities, you won’t have your trusted kitchen timer to help you know when to take your baking out of the oven. These timers work using a torsion spring that runs the mechanism. Turning the dial leads to energy being stored in the spring, and this energy makes the balance wheel rotate back and forth. These motions release the gear train, causing it to move forward until it reaches zero.

Maybe it’ll be alright – you still have your microwave and you can just make a quick mug cake or heat up some leftovers. Well, without springs you can’t close the microwave door!

cooking with eggs, apples, flour and pastry, along with a number of utensils


After the trials of trying to make food, some relaxing time is much needed. And what better way to have a calming, spring day than to watch a film? You choose your favourite film and line up another one in preparation for an amazing film marathon, and click to open the DVD player’s door. Only, it won’t open. DVD players’ doors rely on springs to open but, on a day without springs, the door remains closed.

If you managed to get your DVD to play, sitting on a couch without springs would prove to be very challenging. Couches can have several types of springs to make them comfortable and in proper working order. Springs help to even out your weight distribution within the sofa base, but they are also present on the back of the sofa. Can you imagine trying to sit on your very comfortable couch, and find out it has no springs? Couches without springs rely on webbing or mesh, and don’t make for the best seating option, especially if you have back problems.

Keeping active is also important and, should you decide to go on a bicycle ride, you might find that you need to change plans. Bicycles have suspensions to absorb impacts, and what is a suspension without springs? These rely on spring elasticity to function correctly, and modern bicycles also make use of springs in breaks and gears. Compression springs can be found in bicycles, but now on a spring’s day without springs!

inserting a disc into a discdrive

Whether you need to simply use a stapler to staple your papers together or use a door handle to go inside your home, springs are vital components of a bigger picture that allow you to have a stress-free spring day.

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