We’ve previously discovered that a summer’s day without springs isn’t actually any fun at all; we wouldn’t be able to bounce around endlessly on a trampoline, hop out of the car when we get to the beach or even play with our favourite Slinky toy!

However, it’s not just the summer season that relies on springs to be a success; winter looks pretty bleak without them, too – and we don’t need any more excuses to feel glum around the winter season!

Get Cooking!

The winter season is all about food; whether it’s tucking into a well-prepared Christmas dinner or even just rustling up a hot meal after a long day out in the cold. Without an oven to prepare all this food, we’d all be pretty miserable.

An Italian summer dish associated with Sicily, Caponata, with selective focus

For starters (no pun intended), you need to ensure that your oven is operating efficiently. One of the main issues that homeowners come up against with their ovens is that the spring in their oven door breaks, meaning the door doesn’t fit properly and heat escapes. Not only is this wasting heat, but it can be dangerous to cook with too, especially if you believe something has been cooked for the right amount of time, but the door has been ajar.

Springs attached to the hinges of the door keep oven doors tightly closed, and without them, our food would take even longer to cook!

Although not technically a spring, electric ovens have a coil which heats the oven environment, making them an essential – no one likes cold, raw, uncooked food! These are made from various alloys such as nickel. They can be small, domestic elements or larger industrial ones which can measure up to 1 meter in length – we can produce both here at Airedale Springs!

We’re also able to produce springs which can help keep your cooker going for longer – no matter whether you have an electric or gas unit!

One of the most important springs that we create for both domestic and commercial ovens is used in gas regulators which control the pressure of the gas in ovens. This spring plays a crucial role in limiting the pressure of the gas within the oven to ensure that it is safe.

For electric ovens, Airedale Springs can provide springs to fit the electric hob buttons on an electric oven, ensuring that they can be used adequately and safely, too.

We’re also able to create springs which fit in a smart meter which is the modern meter unit which sends data digitally to your gas and electricity supplier, which they will then use to calculate your bill!

Flick the Switch

Winter is known for being quite dark and dismal and you’ll notice that you’re using your lights much more – unless you enjoy sitting in the dark!

closeup finger press turn on/off electric-switch

Believe it or not, springs play an integral part in keeping your lights on – or off! The spring is located underneath the button of the switch, keeping the switch toggled in on or off mode. Without this spring, your light will continuously stay off – no matter how many times you try and switch it on!

Winter doesn’t have to seem dark, dismal and boring, and with the help of springs, we’re sure that it’s a lot more enjoyable than sitting in the dark with no entertainment and eating cold food!

If you’d like to find out more about the processes that we implement here at Airedale Springs, or simply want to know how we can help you with the production of bespoke springs and wire forms, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we’ll be happy to help!