A selection of 12 torsion springs of different sizes and arm lengths

Torsion Springs from Airedale Springs

As expert torsion spring manufacturers, we know this type of spring is ideal where there is a requirement for angular movement with the legs of the spring attached to other components. When those components rotate around the centre of the spring, the spring tries to push them back to their original position. Torsion springs are used for hinges, counterbalances and lever return applications. They are commonly found in car door handles as they help the handle return to the original position via their abilty to exert a rotary force (torque).

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Double Torsion Springs

Double Torsion Springs are two single torsion springs connected together. They usually consist of one right hand coiled and one left hand coiled bodies both working in parallel with each other, doubling the effective torque available from a single torsion spring of the same size. Designs can be diverse, with centre sections and legs manufactured to any shape with the coiled bodies pitched open or closed. Double torsion springs usually work over a shaft running through the coiled bodies with either the connecting centre section or legs securely fixed. As with single torsion springs, double torsion springs should not be designed for use by winding backwards.

Designing Torsion Springs by CNC or Traditional Methods

We have continued to invest in modern CNC coiling equipment and in the training of our staff to enable the production of complex torsion spring designs and leg shapes by CNC or traditional methods. We use the latest spring design programmes to assist in solving particular torsion spring design issues and can produce a range of samples for design verification and testing.

It’s helpful to know where a spring is designed to fit and what the sizes of the hole and shaft are.

Please also let us know of any other important dimensions.

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Frequently Asked Torsion Spring Questions

  • What are torsion springs used for?

  • Torsion springs are ideal for applications that require angular movement with the legs of the spring attached to other components. When those components rotate around the centre of the spring, the spring tries to push them back to their original position. Torsion springs are commonly found in hinges, counterbalances, lever return applications, and car door handles, where they help the handle return to its original position by exerting a rotary force (torque).

  • What are double torsion springs used for?

  • Double torsion springs are used in applications that necessitate torque to be applied in two directions, such as hinges, counterbalances, and levers where a mechanism must return to its original position after displacement.

    In contrast to single torsion springs, which exert torque in only one direction, double torsion springs can apply torque in two opposing directions. Because of their dual-coil configuration, double torsion springs are more complex in design, while their single-coil counterparts are simpler.

    Furthermore, double torsion springs often have the capacity to handle more load than single torsion springs, which can result in a potentially longer lifespan in applications with substantial torque demands.

    While both types of springs find uses across various applications, double torsion springs are especially suitable for situations requiring opposing forces, whereas single torsion springs are commonly employed where a force in a singular direction suffices.

  • What is Airedale Springs' expertise in torsion spring manufacturing?

  • Airedale Springs has been manufacturing springs for more than 70 years and providing design assistance to many clients. We specialise in the manufacturing of torsion springs, other wire springs, and wire forms, transforming innovative ideas into fully functioning products for various sectors. Airedale Springs has worked with high-profile manufacturers and inventors, such as the Brompton Bicycle team. Our award-winning spring manufacturing process ensures cost-effective, high-quality, and functionally flawless products.

  • Can Airedale Springs design custom torsion springs?

  • Yes, Airedale Springs can design custom torsion springs for your specific needs. Our team will assist and guide you from the initial concept to the end product, ensuring that your spring is tailored to be cost-effective, high-quality, and functionally flawless. You can find out more about our bespoke solutions on our custom springs page.