Fundamentally, a compression spring is probably the sort of spring which first comes into many people’s minds when the term is mentioned. The opposite of tension springs, a compression spring is a heavy duty coil that is designed to keep two objects apart. They work by absorbing potential energy when under compression, and then release this stored energy when the spring expands. When compression springs are brought up, certain utilities instantly come to mind, but we owe more to these ubiquitous little devices than we might immediately think.

Compression springs are perhaps most famously used within the pogo sticks that children enjoy playing with, but they also see use in a multitude of less glamorous, and infinitely more serious capacities. Compression springs are fantastic shock absorbers, and they are therefore used within vehicle suspension systems to smooth out an otherwise bumpy ride. They are especially invaluable in high performance sports cars, where even the slightest deviation in handling can come with serious consequences.

From the motor industry to the desktop, compression springs are also used in many common ballpoint pen types to allow the nib to be extended and retracted at will. Within the household, they are regularly used to enable switches to function, allowing them to remain in the ‘on’ or ‘off’ position as required. Also found in mattresses for our beds, have a look around your home the next time you have a spare 5 minutes; you’ll probably realise that far more devices make use of compression springs than you’d ever thought.

Compression springs are also made use of in some of the most demanding applications in the world. Offshore oil rigs employ them to help regulate the precise levels of pressure that are vital in the oil industry, and these particular components have to be incredibly robust to survive the stresses that they are put under. Similarly, earthquake resistant foundations include compression springs to remain intact, so these rather unassuming springs certainly have a tremendous degree of utility.

In order to perform their designated functions, compression springs have to be manufactured to very exact specifications, and at Airedale Springs we specialise in doing just that. Established in 1945, our innovative spring manufacturers can meet any scale of demand, whether it is a large scale industrial need, or a small bespoke requirement. We are very proud of our proven level of customer service, so if you’re looking for compression springs in any capacity, be sure to contact us now.