High heels frequently pose a problem for women. They look extremely glamorous and are just too good to resist, but they simply aren’t all that practical; especially when they are worn for long distances. With that in mind, the news that some brand new ‘no-hurt’ high heels have been developed is extremely welcome, but what you may not have expected is that they owe part of their secret to springs.

How Do They Work?

According to Gizmodo, these heels depends upon hydraulic springs, pneumatics and rubber balls to provide a ‘cushion’ for the wearer as they walk, and they have only been produced after lengthy studies into the fields of impact absorption in sports footwear, as well as traction and shoe weight. The idea requires each component to work together and create a more ‘natural’ balance, and the mechanism is so precise within each shoe that it can even be tailored to individual body weights.

Who Has Designed Them?

UK designer Silvia Fado Moreno is the mind behind these new high heels. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, her opinion is that fashion has compromised functionality far too often in the past, and so she makes no apology for the bold, rather ‘unsubtle’ patterns that her designs adhere to. Having set out to make walking in heels feel like walking on air, Moreno has gone to every length, including working with an architect and an engineer, to realise that ambition.

When Are They Available?

These high heels are part of a prototype art project at present, but Moreno hopes that these shoes will become part of a commercial line, and soon. If all goes well, you could be able to purchase high heels that boast wood, leather and hydraulic engineering by the end of the year, so in the not-too-distant-future the pain caused by high heels really could be a thing of the past. The aesthetics of these shoes may take some getting used to, but the long-term benefits of this innovation could be significant.

Here at Airedale Springs, we think it’s fascinating to see springs used in this way, and it’s all the more refreshing to see such a useful concept being developed by a UK designer. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for news about these heels in the future! Products like our own compression springs are put to use in a wide-ranging array of capacities, but this use for springs is intriguing even by our standards.

Whilst we might not produce springs for high heels, we’re a proven provider of such components for many other purposes that you may not have even thought of, so if you’re in need of some innovative new springs we welcome you to contact us today. Call 01535 643456 or email our friendly team at sales@www.airedalesprings.co.uk. We’ll always be happy to help.