There are many kinds of springs in widespread use, but one of the most ubiquitous is the torsion spring. The design of a torsion spring is optimised to maintain maximum rotational pressure between two surfaces, and these helical or spiral springs typically adhere to a coiled wire form with two overhanging extremities. These ends are attached to external components which are then rotated to impart bending stress. Unlike other springs, torsion springs are ideally balanced in order to survive being twisted, giving them an undoubted niche in many industries.

Made in a full variety of plated metals, including stainless steel, carbon, titanium, nickel or copper alloy, torsion springs are generally wound around some sort of shaft to further increase their properties of stability. The basic principle behind a torsion spring works through the maintenance of energy when the spring component is twisted. When this action is applied, torque is exerted in the opposite direction to the angle of the deformation. This allows energy to be stored and released as and when required, and torsion springs can also anchor a mechanism if needed.

Torsion springs see use in many applications; especially those which use a ‘pop-up’ style function. They are utilised in a range of clamps, as well as in specific door mechanisms such as those found in a CD player. One of the most visible uses for a torsion spring would undoubtedly be within a mousetrap, where the spring-loaded trap function is entirely reliant on the centrally located torsion spring. Similarly, they are found at the heart of traditional clothes-pegs. They are also used in more heavy duty circumstances; such as garage door counterbalances or in the opening mechanism of a car boot. Primitive torsion springs were even used in antiquity, being an integral part of the giant catapults (or mangonels) which were then used in siege warfare.

Here at Airedale Springs we are a specialist supplier of various torsion springs for a full range of industrial and bespoke applications. As well as standard torsion springs, we also supply double torsion springs that consist of a pair of connected single springs. This doubles the torque capabilities that would be expected when dealing with a sole spring of an equivalent mass. Our company first began trading in 1945, and the years since then have allowed us to hone our designs to an outstanding quality. Be sure to call us on 01535 643456 or contact us for more information.