Aerospace engineering is a branch of engineering that specialises in all aspects of the design, technology, and manufacture of space craft and air craft. Here, we take look at one of the largest and most influential aerospace engineering companies; The Boeing Company.

The Boeing Company is one of the world’s leading aerospace engineering companies and employs more than 170,000 people world wide. As well as being the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners, Boeing is also involved in the design and manufacture of satellites and defence systems.  Furthermore, the company is the primary contractor for the international space station, and as such is one of NASA’s major service providers.

The Boeing Company was originally founded by the pioneering William Boeing, and completed its first plane in June 1916, the Boeing Model 1, which was also known as the B&W seaplane and was made from materials such as wood. Throughout its history, the Boeing Company and its feats of engineering have played a notable role in key historic events; for example, the company produced planes for use in both world wars.

The Boeing Company has come a long way since its humble early beginnings, and is now at the forefront of aerospace design and technology and continues to grow and develop. Indeed, according to a recent report the Boeing Company has just received an order from the Chinese company BOC Aviation for 82 planes, worth an estimated 8.8 billion U.S. dollars, and reportedly enjoyed a 52% increase in profits over the past year. The company is currently organised into two major units; namely the commercial airlines unit and the defence space and security unit. Recent innovative projects emerging from the defence space and security unit include a plan to develop a so-called space taxi, and a replacement for the existing space shuttle to transport astronauts and other passengers into space.

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