2014 has nearly come to an end, so it’s about time that we took a look at some of the engineering highlights of the year. There is a huge pool to choose from, so narrowing it down was no mean feat, but hopefully you’ll find these landmarks just as impressive as we do.

Paper Diagnostic for Cancer

MIT engineers have been working to bridge the gap in developing nations’ cancer diagnosis procedures. With 70% of cancer mortalities occurring in the developing world, this is a game changer. The cheap paper test works much like a pregnancy test, and could reveal whether a person has cancer within minutes.

The TERMES Project

The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has been developing a crew of autonomous robots that can be instructed to build a structure, and then work simultaneously to create it; much like a termite colony would do. The hope is that these simple robots could be used when it is dangerous or difficult to have humans perform the task, such as would be the case when working underwater, or even on other planets.

Rosetta Lander PHILAE

This may be one of the biggest stories of the year, and it has caused much excitement for those with an interest in space travel. After 20 years of planning, the European Space Agency managed to land a robot spacecraft on a comet moving at approximately 84,000 mph. The accomplishment is hugely impressive, and has massive implications for the future of space exploration.

Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots

These odd looking robots have been described as ‘essentially a tall Roomba’. The robot bathes a room in ultraviolet light, killing germs in 5 minutes. With the outbreak of Ebola being one of the biggest crises this year, the robot has huge potential to bring the disease under control. The machine has already been implemented in nearly 200 US hospitals, and we’re sure that number will continue to climb.

The list could go on and on, with 2014 being a huge year for engineering highlights. There is some great work being done by scientists and engineers all over the world, and here at Airedale Springs we’re proud to be a part of the process, supplying a huge variety of products such as tension springs. If you would like more information about any of our products, please contact us today by calling 01535 643456 to speak to a member of our helpful team.