Here at Airedale Springs, we understand that springs are a huge part of our lives. They are flexible yet strong, and have the ability to bounce back. Take a look around and you will be surprised to see how much we rely on springs within our household objects. If you take a tour of your house you will see that springs are used in the following areas of your home:

Clocks: The springs in clocks operate the mechanics of clock hands. Even though older clocks use springs more than modern battery powered ones, almost every kind of clock has at least one kind of spring inside.

Light Switches: Imagine what life would be like if the spring hadn’t been invented. Your lights would flicker on and off continuously because springs stop your light switches from turning on and off. The spring stores the energy that is necessary for the snap action of the switch mechanism. If your light switch isn’t working properly it could be due for a replacement.

Furniture: Your furniture would not function without the countless springs that are used. There are springs in mattresses, chairs and sofas. Having a different style of spring can alter the comfort and health benefits of a mattress; for example the orthopaedic mattress is a mattress that has a firmer spring.

The main types of springs you will find are:

Compression Springs – a helical shape and the most common spring. They are designed to operate with a load; the spring will become shorter as a load is applied to it

Tension Springs – similar to compression springs but loaded with tension. Hooks or loops are provided to allow a force to be applied, as extension springs are usually attached at both ends to other components.

Torsion Springs – a helical spring is used to apply a torque force or rotational energy. Torsion springs are usually required to be attached to other components

As you can see, springs are needed for us to go about our day to day lives seamlessly. If you have a project to undertake and are in the market for springs then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Airedale Springs. You can call us on 01535 643456.