With the world of technology constantly changing and developing it is vital that industries adapt to these changes in order to ensure that they are effectively meeting customer needs. The world of springs is no different and the onus is on manufacturers to make sure that they are aware of recent developments and trends.

As one of the UKs leading spring manufacturers we always have our ear to the ground to find the latest trends in the industry. In this blog we have picked out 3 of the most important trends that we believe will impact the industry in 2014 and on into the future.

Expansion of capabilities

Customers are constantly in need of a brand new spring or wire form design in order to complete the design of their newest products. This demand means that manufacturers constantly have to develop and add to the machinery that they have at their disposal. Here at Airedale Springs we are constantly adding new machinery to our facilities to keep up with demand from our customers. In the last two years we have invested nearly £1.5m in new CNC equipment allowing us coil and form in a wire range of 0.15mm to 10.0mm.

Decrease in waste

With the environment being such a constant focus for all industries it is inevitable that the future will see companies increase the efficiency of their manufacturing. Waste is the enemy of efficiency and is effectively throwing away profit, so the reduction of waste in particular is sure to be one of the most influential trends this year and every year to come. The ways in which manufacturers can reduce their waste output are vast and you really would be surprised at the lengths companies will go to in order to minimise their environmental impact. With 132 solar panels on the factory roof Airedale Springs generate over 20% of the electricity used.

Increased focus on apprenticeships

A recent news article told of how Britain’s engineering sector was heading for a ‘retirement cliff’ that would lead to a severe depletion in the countries engineering prowess. Manufacturers need to be swift to act to stop this news becoming a reality for their company. In 2014 you can expect to see companies putting much more investment into apprenticeship schemes in order to create the engineers of the future. Airedale Springs is doing its part by supporting the setting up of an engineering department in the local college and employing two more apprentices during 2014.

These trends are sure to shape the future of the spring industry in 2014 and indeed for many years to come. Airedale springs have built our reputation by continuing to develop and adapt to a changing market. If you have any further questions on the spring industry or any of our services then don’t hesitate to contact us and our skilled staff will be happy to help.