It may be surprising to learn that the electronics industry relies heavily on springs and wire forms. Electrical equipment and appliances like mobile phones, games consoles, remote controls, keyboards, and everything in between, can utilise springs and wire forms thanks to their diverse, multi-functional properties. Here at Airedale Springs, we manufacture a wide range of springs for use in electronic applications, combining our expertise with state-of-the-art CNC machines to create consistently high-quality products. Today, we’re going to explore the manufacturing capabilities at Airedale Springs in relation to the electronics sector.

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What Kind of Springs Do Airedale Make for Electronics?

We manufacture a varied range of springs, but compression springs and wire forms are the most common when discussing electronics. As an experienced compression spring manufacturer, we understand the versatility of this type of spring and how it can benefit electronics, providing corrosion-resistant contact between two electrical points or withstanding continuous compression from a button being pressed.

One of the more obvious and visible usages of springs in electronics is battery-powered items; open up the battery compartment on a battery-powered device, and you’ll see the compression springs that the negative end of the battery presses against. Likewise, any electronic device with switches or buttons will use springs to trigger the button’s functionality. These springs often need to be tiny to fit into the available space behind the button but also durable and able to withstand being compressed thousands of times over the device’s lifespan. Have a read of our article on springs in the electronics sector if you’d like to know more.

Sometimes, a conventional spring isn’t suitable within electronics, particularly when working with tight, intricate spaces. In these cases, wire forms are used to offer functionality similar to springs but in versatile, completely customisable shapes. Find out more about wire forms and their many applications in the electronics sector.

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How Airedale Springs Manufactures Springs For Electronics

At Airedale Springs, we have a range of high-quality coiling and wire forming CNC machines at our disposal to create springs for electronics. As discussed, many springs manufactured for electrical devices need to be tiny. As small spring manufacturers, we must have the right technology and machinery required to create the right products for our customers. Here are some of the machines we use every day in spring manufacturing for the electronics sector:

Adtech 2208 CNC Coiler

Our Adtech 2208 allows us to create compression springs from wire as small as 0.15mm in diameter– the smallest we work with here at Airedale Springs. This is a high speed, computerised two-axis spring roll machine consisting of a wire-feeding axis and a cam axis. The two axes can work independently or in sync with one another; this functionality is controlled through a computer programme by the operator.

Wafios CNC Wire Former and Coilers

As experienced spring manufacturers, we recognise the need to have a range of coiling and wire forming machines to suit different demands. Understanding how and when to use each machine is crucial to staying efficient and lean. We have a selection of Wafios wire forming machines at our disposal, including the newest addition, the Wafios FMU 16+, purchased as part of a 200k investment to increase capacity. Our Wafios wire forming machines all play a different role depending on the wire diameter required, product output rates and useability. For example, the Wafios FMU 1.7 is a highly flexible, user-friendly machine capable of forming wires up to 1.6mm in diameter. If you want to use a thicker wire to create your spring or wire form, the Waifos FMU40 may be better suited, as it accommodates wire diameters between 1.8 – 4mm.

Airedale Springs Full Range of Our CNC Coiling and 3D Wireforming Machines

MakeTypeYearDetailsWire Dia (WD) MinWire Dia (WD) Max
WafiosF22012CNC Coiler0.351.60
WafiosF22018CNC Coiler0.351.60
WafiosF32018CNC Coiler0.703.00
WafiosF32021CNC Coiler0.703.00
WafiosFUL 452012CNC Coiler1.405.00
WafiosFMU 162015CNC 3D Wire Former0.401.60
WafiosFMU 16+2021CNC 3D Wire Former0.401.60
WafiosFMU 1.72012CNC 3D Wire Former0.401.60
WafiosFMK 22012CNC 3D Wire Former0.602.00
WafiosFMK 22013CNC 3D Wire Former0.602.00
WafiosFMU 2.72014CNC 3D Wire Former0.802.50
WafiosFMU 4.72012CNC 3D Wire Former1.804.00
WafiosFMU 402016CNC 3D Wire Former1.804.00
Adtech22082011CNC Coiler0.150.80
Adtech4162011CNC Coiler0.401.60
HTC28CF2011CNC Coiler0.802.80
DKPMKCT2262017CNC Coiler1.003.00
DKPMKCT6802014CNC Coiler3.008.00

We also have a wide range of mechanical equipment for special projects.

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Meeting The Demands of The Electronics Sector

Our CNC machines allow us to meet the demands of our customers through high-precision, high-speed spring manufacturing. As springs in electronics continue to change, become smaller and ask more of our engineers, we continue to invest in new technologies and cutting-edge machinery that can keep up with and exceed expectations. As experts in our field, we know everything about spring materials used in the electronic sector and can advise you on how best to make your spring design into the most effective, durable and efficient product available. Contact us today if you would like more information about any of our springs for the electronics sector.