Springs are a mainstay component in almost every technological advancement you can possibly think of, especially those that rely upon some form of mechanism or mechanical system, and it’s fair to say that such technologies are achieving some really impressive results in the world.

The area of helping to increase the mobility of disabled persons is something that is very important within the UK, and there are calls for further support continually being made in the headlines. One such innovation that has recently caught our eye is the WHILL; otherwise known as the ‘world’s most advanced personal mobility device’.

The WHILL Chair

According to Engineering.com, the design of the WHILL came about after a wheelchair user was heard to sadly relate how their embarrassment prevented them from going shopping. The result of this is the WHILL; a futuristic personal mobility device with enhanced manoeuvrability (provided by four wheel drive and ‘Omni’ wheels).

WHILL chairs are currently being manufactured and tested, but their inventive steering mechanisms, better comfort and ability to negate some of the negative stigma associated with wheelchairs are already creating a substantial buzz around the product. Of course, this is far from the only personal mobility development that has been trialled in recent years, and a great many other creations are also pushing technological boundaries as well.

Biomechatronic Limbs

Back in March, an article from Eureka Magazine related how new ‘biomechatronic’ limbs are being used to assist amputees. These sophisticated prosthetics are the very first bionic limbs to function independently without human power, and make use of a well-placed spring in the heel of the limbs; a component that assists with shock absorption after the manner of an Achilles tendon.

Springs in Technology

Here at Airedale Springs, we think that it’s great to see how technology is now opening up new possibilities with regards to the mobility of disabled persons, and we’re even more pleased to see that springs are being used in such a useful capacity. There’s obviously still a long way to go in the field, but it will be interesting to see how the future heralds even more impressive ‘spring-powered’ innovations.

As professional spring manufacturers, we’re well used to receiving genuinely bespoke orders for numerous kinds of springs, and so we’re well placed to be able to help you no matter what sort of situation you find is driving your need for springs. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us now by calling 01535 643456 or emailing sales@www.airedalesprings.co.uk.