Upcycling is a great way to make your home truly your own. It reduces your waste, saves you money, and best of all, it can really spark your creativity.

Here at Airedale Springs, we know that even when a spring is no longer fit for operational use, it doesn’t mean it needs to be thrown out. If you’ve never upcycled before, we’ve put together a list of inspirational ideas for upcycling your old springs.

Candle Holder

Remodelling a spring into a candle holder may sound absurd, but it’s a fantastic place to start if you’re new to upcycling.  If the spring you’re using isn’t already attached to anything suitable, get it bolted to a solid metal base to create a simple, rustic design.

Table Lamp

Creating a table lamp from a disused spring is another great idea, so long as you have the technical know-how. But with the right spring, you can make something seriously special. Obviously dealing with electrics can be quite a risky business if you don’t know what you’re doing, so take care.

Bedspring Chandelier

The next step beyond a table lamp is a whole lighting rig. With a little work, you can fashion the bedsprings from a discarded mattress, creating a chandelier for your overhead lights. In the right home, this can make a stunning feature.

Photo Holder

If you’d prefer a more simplistic use for your springs, picture holders are a great way to go. Whether you clip those important photographs to single springs, or make full use of mattress innards hanging on the wall, the choice is yours.


Bar Stools

Perhaps the piece de resistance of upcycled springs is the bar stool. Fashioned from industrial springs, these are sure to be a talking point in any home. The beauty of a design like the bar stool spring is that it fits in with whatever style you love, be it the modern, minimalistic décor or more traditional furniture designs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using industrial or domestic springs, so long as you have the passion and innovation to create something unique, special and perfect for you. Here at Airedale Springs, we take inspiration from springs every day. We’ve become skilled ourselves at spring assembly, fitting springs to your existing units, or creating the parts you need from scratch. For more information, contact us today on 01535 643456 or email sales@www.airedalesprings.co.uk.