According to recent reports there is growing evidence of a shortage of skills, particularly in industries such as science, technology and engineering and the government is desperate to get more young people interested in scientific subjects. Consequently the government and schools are bringing in a number of new initiatives to help increase interest among younger people in careers in science and engineering. However there are also a number of ways parents can help encourage their children to take an interest in these key subjects. Here are some handy hints and tips to help inspire your kids and help get them interested in science and engineering.

Toys such as Lego and building blocks can be a great and fun way to get your children interested and excited about science and engineering. According to this BBC article such toys can be a great way to boost children’s belief in their abilities, and the article quotes child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer as stating that “Nobody plays with Lego and learns how to build houses, but they might learn how to overlap bricks to create a stable structure. It’s more about confidence and familiarity than an actual skill set”.

The benefits of such toys have also been supported by scientific evidence. Indeed one study found that there was a relationship between playing with blocks in preschool, and achievement in maths. More specifically those children who displayed more insightful methods of play with these blocks when assessed at preschool scored higher on standardized maths tests when tested again from the age of 12.

Another great way to increase your childrens problem solving and analytical skills is to encourage them to undertake projects of their own, such as building a birdhouse. This will also increase their familiarity with a variety of tools and materials.

You could also consider taking your kids for a visit to one of the many great science museums on offer here in the UK, where there is sure to be plenty to excite and inspire them and keep them entertained.

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