Previously on our blog, we have talked at some length about the different kinds of springs and also their many uses in modern society. Buy where exactly did spring technology begin? Springs have actually been in use for far longer than you might think, and have appeared in a number of surprising utilities throughout history. Perhaps one of the first uses for non coiled springs was in the bow and arrow, although more complex devices soon began to become common during the Bronze Age.

Crude spring technology made the spread of tweezers possible during prehistory, but some truly remarkable developments were also invented during this time. The type of ancient Egyptian chariot made famous by Tutankhamun was possibly the very first machine to make use of a suspension system (designed to absorb shock), and this innovation, implemented in 1333 BC, made use of primitive springs to achieve this end. Years later, leaf springs were also used on two-wheeled Roman vehicles for the same purpose.

After Leonardo da Vinci improved the matchlock pistol using springs in the 15th century, a series of inventions typified the field of spring technology from the 17th-19th centuries. This era saw the first balance springs and clock springs for use in timekeeping instruments, the patent for the original coil spring (by R. Tradwell in 1763) and also the realising of mattress springs. The first ‘modern’ shock absorber was also designed in this period, and fitted to a racing bike by a Frenchman named J. M. M. Truffault. The principle behind the action of the spring was also pinpointed in the 17th century by Robert Hooke, and his formula, known as Hooke’s Law, is still used today.

In the 20th century, many of the most modern spring uses began to arrive. Centuries after Tuntankhamun’s chariot used leaf springs in this fashion, Henry Ford was to use these same springs for a very similar purpose on his iconic Model T Ford. Three of the most beloved products to use compression springs or tension springs, namely the pogo stick, the trampoline and the slinky, were also introduced during these years. Now used in footwear and a multitude of other areas too, the humble spring has become truly ubiquitous.

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