The Engineering Industries Association is a long established organisation that aims to promote trade and champion the aspirations of the UK’s engineering and manufacturing sectors. In existence for more than 60 years, the mission statement of this important group is to ‘encourage the pursuit of excellence’, thereby helping to raise the profile of the engineering industry on a genuinely global scale. The Engineering Industries Association frequently makes presentations to a variety of influential parties across the UK, including the Bank of England, and constantly strives to be the “go to” service for supporting UK engineering.

At Airedale Springs, we’ve been a dedicated member of this organisation in previous years (first becoming a member in 1960), but in recent years we elected to let our membership expire. Joining the Engineering Industries Association means adhering to a binding voluntary code that is strongly oriented around the ethos of fair play, and because we unwaveringly uphold these values of our own accord we always continued to foster strong links with the Association, despite no longer being a member. However, a particular focus of the Engineering Industries Association is representing small and medium enterprises within the sectors of engineering and manufacture, and it was because of this aim that we found ourselves attracted to rejoin this year.

We’ve always been very interested in the fortunes of small and medium enterprises here at Airedale Springs, due in part to our own status as a traditional family run business, and we saw collaborating with the Engineering Industries Association as the ideal opportunity to further our activity in this area. The sectors of UK engineering and manufacture are of vital importance to the country’s economy as a whole, and, as it is the goal of the Association to help these businesses on the road to success, we thought it was high time that we returned to our former standing as a fully fledged member.

The primary philosophy of Airedale Springs is ‘small enough to care, big enough to mean business’, and this statement means that we care greatly about our industry as a whole. We’ve previously been recognised for our exceptional standards and investment in people, and so we’re delighted to be able to continue these practises alongside the Engineering Industries Association. If you would like to find out more, or if you need some quality springs or a wire form to assist your business, don’t hesitate to call us on 01535 643456 or email us at