Tension springs are one of the most widely known springs types in circulation, along with the compression spring, but many people still don’t understands quite what makes these springs different, and also where they are used. Springs are, after all, fairly ubiquitous in society, so you might be forgiven for taking them for granted. Here are a few brief points to give you an idea about the design and function of these useful little springs.

How Do They Work?

Extension springs are very similar to compression springs, but are instead loaded with tension (hence the oft shortened name of ‘tension springs’). Extension springs typically possess a hook at either end of their body, and each of these hooks is anchored to another component. As the two components move apart, the spring that connects them strives to pull them back together again, and this action stores energy and also resists any pulling force.

Where Are They Found?

Extension springs are found in many applications within numerous industries. One of their most famous uses is within the trampoline, but because they can be made to so many different sizes they can also be discovered in the automotive sector, garage doors, pliers, washing machines and even children’s toys. Even the medical industry can be found depending on certain extension springs (usually the very small varieties), so few other components have such a diverse array of applications.

How Can They Be Customised?

Like many springs, extension springs can be customised to suit especially fine specifications. These customisations can include different types of materials and heat treatment, but one of the most common amendments to make to extension springs is to alter the type of loop or hook that is being used. As mentioned, extension springs are attached to other parts of a mechanism, and to enable their use within so many different appliances they can incorporate a range of hoops, hooks and even bolts to ensure a secure anchoring. Although these fixings may be small, they carry a great deal of importance.

At Airedale Springs, we can make your extension springs fit with any specifications that you desire, especially if you let us know about precise requirements like the dimensions of the hole and shaft, and we always maintain high standards of quality in our manufacture. If you’d like to place an order for these springs, or would simply like to find out more about how they could help you, please get in touch with us now.