As discussed in some of our previous blogs there is evidence of a growing skills gap in the engineering industry, which is likely to have a number of lasting implication for the engineering industry here in the UK. Indeed the government and a number of other organisations have expressed growing concern over this impending skills crisis and are determined to address the issue through a number of different initiatives. Here we take a quick look at one exciting new project specifically designed to target the engineering skills gap.

According to a recent news article a new science and engineering school has been launched in Devon, and budding scientists and engineers can now apply for places at this innovative new school, which is due to open its doors to students this time next year.

The new school, named the South Devon University Technical College (UTC), has been established as part of a joint endeavour by the University of Exeter and South Devon College, in an attempt to bridge the gap between traditional education models and what is expected of young employees by employers.

In order to achieve this the school will work closely alongside key employers at both a local and regional level to provide secondary education for students who display a flair for science and engineering, with the aim of preparing them for the world of work.

The new school will be housed in a purpose built £10 million campus and is designed specifically for students aged 14 – 18 years. As well as studying for standard GCSE, A level and BTEC qualifications, the students’ curriculum will be supported and enhanced by a number of employers including the Environment Agency. The curriculum was designed in partnership with the University of Exeter and South Devon College, which are both outstanding centers of learning, and will offer pupils the chance to study courses that simply aren’t available anywhere else in the region.

The article quotes Principle designate of the new school Ian Crews, as stating that “the future success of this country will depend on talented, high-quality scientists, engineers and technicians ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. That’s why we at South Devon UTC are committed to providing a first-class practical education for the region’s brightest young people to prepare them for the world of work in these exciting fields.”

This new school is a great example of how the initiative is being taken to try and bring more young engineers into the workplace and provide them with the skills they will require in order to succeed. Here at Airedale Springs we are also passionate about getting more young people interested in engineering, and have a number of apprentices currently working and learning as part of our team. Airedale Springs has given its support to the establishment of a University Technical College in Leeds.

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