Springs may appear to be fairly simple devices, however appearances can be very deceptive. Designing a spring requires careful consideration of a number of factors.

Firstly, the material used in making a spring must be carefully chosen. The tensile strength and response to shearing stress are important factors in the calculations, ensuring that the spring will fulfil its intended purpose. Using material that isn’t strong enough will result in a spring that breaks under stress, and using material that is too strong may mean that it doesn’t have the required flexibility. Other factors may also influence the material choice, for example whether it is necessary to choose a corrosion-resistant material or not.

A number of other factors will also influence the design of the spring; the physical space into which it must fit, the load it must bear, and how quickly it must compress or extend are all considerations which our experts may need to take into account.

Most spring designs follow a set of formulae which are used to calculate and correlate all the criteria of the design, taking into account both the client’s requirements and the principles of physics which govern the forces involved. Designers will follow a set of general guidelines for the basic design, and then follow more precise procedures to refine the design and bring the spring fully into line with any specific criteria.

Advanced computer technology can then be used to simulate the spring; this is far more affordable than actually manufacturing the prototype, as it allows us to test and tweak the design of the spring to make sure that it completely meets the required criteria. We can simulate the action of our CNC machines with a high degree of accuracy, as seen below.

The most important part of our design process is the customer; by working closely with the client throughout the process we ensure that the spring is right first time, avoiding later modifications which can prove costly and time consuming.

Whether you are looking for a large scale order, a small batch or even a one-off, at Airedale Springs we offer expert advice to ensure that your springs are designed to the highest standard.